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Marriage requirements for non-residents differ between French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten.

French St. Martin:

According to the Law of May 27, 2009 - Non-residents who want to be married in French St. Martin no longer have an obligation to live in the island at least one month prior to marriage. Couples wishing to be married must send an application addressed to the maire (mayor) of their chosen community. This application must arrive at least one month prior to the desired wedding date. The application must include the following documents:

1. A letter signed and dated by the engaged couple, making application to be married within the provisions of article 58 of the Law No. 2009-594 of May, 27, 2009 with the specific date of the proposed marriage included.

2. Legal copies of birth certificates of both applicants.

3. Proof of identity of both applicants via copy of valid passports.

4. Full names, birthdates, birthplaces, addresses and professions of the parents of both applicants.

5. Full names, birthdates, birthplaces, addresses and professions of the witnesses to the proposed marriage.

For more details and specifics, please download Se Marier Dans les Collectivités and/or contact the island's tourist office.

Often, couples choose to be legally married elsewhere (including Dutch St. Maarten) and then follow up with an unofficial wedding ceremony, reception and/or celebration in French St. Martin.

Dutch St. Maarten:

Foreign couples planning on getting married on St. Maarten without the consent of parents must be at least 21 years of age, persons with a Netherlands nationality should be 23 years of age.

Foreign couples must request permission from the Lt. Governor of St Maarten to marry. Please note that it can take up to two months to receive a reply, and you need to be on island two days before your ceremony. if permission is granted, a temporary tourist permit will be issued in order to contract a marriage.

Registration at the office of Civil Registry needs to take place at least ten days before the marriage. This can be done by faxing their office at the address below

Divorced persons may remarry in St Maarten but should provide a recent extract of divorce of this current year. Divorced women can only remarry after 306 days upon inscription into the registry of divorce at the office of Civil State.

• A legal birth certificate
• In the event persons are not of Dutch nationality, a valid passport is required
• Address of both parties
• Duration of stay on St. Maarten
• Unmarried persons must present a declaration of marital status not older than 3 months
• If widow(er), a death certificate
• If divorced, a divorce certificate or a final judgment decree
• For minors (under 21 years of age), permission of the parents is required;
• Names of parents, maiden names of mother including place of birth and birth date;
• Professions of the bride, the groom and the parents.
• 6 (six) witness if the marriage is performed outside of the Marriage Hall, 2 witnesses if it is to be performed at Wedding Hall. Non-Dutch witnesses must present a valid passport or a birth certificate with a picture I.D.

Original documents other than Dutch or English need to be translated into the Dutch language (i.e. a French or Spanish document must be translated into Dutch, not English). The following persons can do translations on the island: Cheryl LaBega, Language translator, Government Administration Building, Clern LaBega's Square, Philipsburg, St Maarten. Please note that one to two weeks is required for translation.

The registrar's office should be contacted for specific rules regarding planning your wedding in St Maarten. They will also provide information regarding marriage licenses and marriage certificates.

Chief Registrar
Office of Civil Registry and Census Office
Soualiga Road, Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Tel: 599-542-2457, Fax: 599-542-4267

The Lieutenant Governor
Government Administration Building
Clem Labega's Square, PO Box 943
Philipsburg, St Maarten
Fax: 599-542-4884

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