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Pay phone and cigarette machine near the Marina in Marigot, St. Martin

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Telephones and Mail

For local calls from public phones on the Dutch side, you will need to purchase a Netherlands Antilles Telecom Card at a post office. On the French side, Télécartes, which look like credit cards, can be purchased at the Post Offices and at other outlets marked "Telecarte en Vente Ici" .

Major credit cards can be used from many public phones for long distance calls. Check with your service provider before leaving home if you plan to use your cell phone on the island. To phone Dutch St. Maarten from other countries, the country code is 599. To reach French St. Martin from other countries, the country code is 590. These codes must be used when calling between the two sides of the island.

Postage stamps can be purchased at post offices (hours are irregular and lines can be long and slow) and at some hotels and souvenir shops.

Internet / E-Mail

Internet access is still far from universal in island hotels and, where it is available from the room, special adapters are usually required. Access from some private villas via your own laptop is possible, but substantial deposits for long distance telephone calls and/or a contract with the local service provider may be necessary. Be sure to inquire and make necessary arrangements in advance. Adapters may be required.

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