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The magnificent Anse des Flamands on the north coast of St. Barthélemy


Land Sports

Hiking is a popular activity including trails from Flamands to Colombier and from Marigot to Vitet. The local Tourist Office can provide maps and suggestions. Horseback riding is another possibility, with two hour excursions available mornings and afternoons. A wide variety of sporting activities including volleyball, fencing, squash, archery, yoga and martial arts are also available in St. Barth. The topography and size of St. Barth make a golf course impossible but tennis enthusiasts can make reservations at various courts on the island.

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Water Sports

St. Barth is a wonderland for water sports enthusiasts. The beaches of St. Jean and Lorient offer some of the calmest waters for children and swimming. Body surfers may prefer the waves of Anse des Cayes, Saline, Flamands or "Washing Machine". The windsurfing conditions are ideal at Grand Cul-de-Sac, St. Jean or Lorient. For board surfers, Pointe Milou (near the Christopher), Toiny and Anse des Lézards often provide excellent conditions.

Snorkeling opportunities abound with gear available at various shops around the island. Scuba diving lessons, equipment and trips are offered by services in Gustavia and St. Jean. Water-skiing is available but jet skis are required to keep away from the beaches for safety and noise considerations. Gentle winds can make Sunfish sailing especially pleasant on the waters of St. Jean, Grand Cul-de-Sac, Public and Colombier.

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