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A runway that ends at St. Jean Beach ensures a memorable arrival at St. Barth's airport.

ST. BARTHELEMY / Getting There

Airlines, Charters and VIP Airport Service

Most international travelers begin by flying to Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) in Dutch St. Maarten via American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Air, Delta, Air France or other international carrier. Upon arrival, if you have only carry-on bags or your luggage is checked through to St. Barth or you have arranged VIP assistance, you should be able to proceed directly to the In Transit gate. All other passengers may experience delays at customs, immigration and baggage claim.

From St. Maarten, it is only a 10-minute connecting flight to St. Barth via WinAir (Code WM), Air Caraïbes (Code TX) or St. Barth Commuter (Code PV).
Air Caraïbes also offers flights from Guadeloupe (PTP). A number of charter companies (small plane and helicopter) also serve St. Barth from St. Martin/St. Maarten and other nearby Caribbean islands.

St. Barthélemy's airport (SBH) is near St. Jean Bay and accepts nothing larger than 20-seat planes. It is not equipped for night landings. The terminal has car rental booths, small boutiques and a bar. Across the road is La Savane Commercial Center with boutiques, a pharmacy and a supermarket.

For travelers wishing to avoid potential airport delays in St. Maarten, St. Barth Services offers a full range of VIP services including collecting your luggage, transferring it to your next flight and assisting with flight connections and check-ins.

Sea Transportation

Ferry boat service to St. Barth from St. Martin/St. Maarten and other nearby islands is offered by several companies. Options include Voyager 1, Voyager 2 and the high-speed Rapid Explorer catamaran. Seasoned sailors should have no problem, but those who are not experienced should be aware that sometimes the seas can be rough and the crossing can vary from 40 minutes to over an hour.

Many travelers prefer the popular cruise ship option for exploring the islands of the Caribbean. This "floating hotel" approach allows them to visit a number of interesting destinations without having to change hotels or make additional connections. There is a wide range of options from small sailing ships to luxury liners

CLICK HERE for a directory of air and sea transportation services.

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