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The scenic beauty of the Robert Trent Jones golf course near Trois Islets, Martinique


Land Sports

Golf is available on a scenic 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Sr. course set on the bay in Trois Islets. Tennis can be played at many hotels as well as private clubs that often welcome guests as temporary members. Squash is becoming increasingly popular and is available at several locations. Biking, either independently or in cooperation with local cycling clubs or companies can be arranged, sometimes with a guide and meal included in the fee.

Hiking is one of the best organized sports in Martinique. The spectacular topography provides a wealth of possibilities. Challenges (and opportunities) include the tropical forest, a world-famous volcano, mountain peaks (pitons), rocky hills (mornes) and long stretches of virgin beach.

The Parc Naturel Régional and the Office National des Forêts, along with a hiking club, le Club des Randonneurs, have developed a network of more than 30 trails, all well-marked and maintained, designed for hikers to enjoy on their own. They are described in two excellent guidebooks published in French: 31 Sentiers Balisés, and Belles Balades de la Martinique. Inexpensive hikes are conducted for the local citizenry year round by Parc Naturel guides, but visitors are welcome to participate. Commentary is in French.

Among serious hiking tours is a two-hour climb, with guide, up Mont Pelée volcano through thick foliage and overgrown trails. Less difficult, but still requiring skill, is the trek through a dense coastal rain forest between Grand' Rivière and Le Prêcheur. Fairly easy hikes originate at Les Ombrages and at Ajoupa-Bouillon.

Presqu'Ile de la Caravelle, a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic near the town of Trinité, has safe beaches, a nature preserve, and well-marked paths to historic Château Dubuc's ruins.

Martinique offers many equestrian itineraries, some along scenic beach routes, others through tropical hillsides. Both excursions and riding lessons are available in various locations throughout the island.

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Water Sports

Water sports options in Martinique’s clear, turquoise waters provide a wide range of choices for the sports-minded traveler.

For swimming and snorkeling, it’s always best to check locally for the best places to go as you explore various areas of the island. Technicolor fish and coral abound in the waters near Pointe-du-Bout and Anse Mitan. Recently, the small bays around Anses d'Arlets and Sainte-Anne have provided excellent snorkeling. Some hotels have glass bottom boats for snorkeling trips and most have fins and masks available for rent.

Water skiing and jet skis are available through many of the beachfront hotels in Pointe-du-Bout as well as in Carbet and Ste. Anne. Many beachfront hotels have windsurfing equipment for use by guests and some offer lessons. Rental is generally by the hour. Away from the hotels, there are countless windsurfing havens. Among the best spots is Cap Michel, near Cap Chevalier in the south. Canoeing and kayaking opportunities can be found in the Bellefontaine and Lamentin areas.

Scuba divers can avail themselves of fascinating dive sites, ideal water temperatures, abundant marine life and interesting shipwrecks in Martinique. Fine facilities with licensed instructors are available at several locations in the Pointe-du-Bout marina, at Anse Mitan, at Anse d’Arlet and near Fort-de-France. On the south coast, there is a scuba operation at Pointe Chéry near Diamant. Memorable dive spots include Ilet la Perle and the shipwrecks off St. Pierre in the north (where it’s also possible to view the wrecks on a small sub). Sites in the south include Anses d'Arlets, Cap Salomon, Sainte Anne and the legendary Diamond Rock (le Diamant).

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