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Yole racing is a very popular and intense form of competition in Martinique.

MARTINIQUE / Communications

To phone from Martinique, a Télécarte (phone card) makes local and international calls easier and less expensive. Télécartes are sold at Post Offices and other outlets marked Télécarte en Vente Ici. They are used in special booths marked Télécom found all over. There are no coin phones. Many phones will now accept VISA, MasterCard or other credit cards for long distance calls. Operator-assisted calls are higher in cost.

Postage stamps can be purchased at post offices (hours are irregular and lines can be long and slow), cafés-tabacs (tobacco stores) and at hotel newsstands or souvenir shops.

Instant internet connection is not yet widely available in Martinique. Some hotels will allow guests to check their e-mail from a central hotel computer, usually located near the reception desk. There are a growing number of businesses that plan to provide internet access on a fee per minute basis.

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