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Marie-Galante, Madame Trésor, Arbe à Pain

Charming Madame Trésor of the Arbe à Pain in Grand-bourg, Marie-Galante

MARIE-GALANTE / Local Etiquette / Local Customs

It's important to remember that you are a guest in another culture. Please don't expect others to speak or understand your language, you are in France. If you make some efforts to speak a little French, it will be greatly appreciated. A genuine smile and a friendly "Bonjour" will usually be returned. When you treat others with respect and kindness, they generally reciprocate.

If you want to take someone's photo, please remember to ask their permission first. And don't forget that everything moves at a slower pace in the tropics, so you shouldn’t expect or demand speedy service. If you can downshift and relax, you will blend right in and have a great time doing so.

Travel Tip

In the US, making a circle with the thumb and index finger means "OK". In France, it can be taken as an insult. It means "worthless". A raised thumb gesture (one thumb up) will work better and avoid misunderstandings.

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