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guadeloupe, Le Jardin Malanga

Le Jardin Malanga hotel near Trois Rivières, Guadeloupe with a view of Les Saintes

GUADELOUPE / Communications

To call Guadeloupe from the US, dial 011-590-590 + the local 6-digit number. If you are trying to reach a cell phone in Guadeloupe, dial 011-590-690 + the local 6-digit number. When you are in Guadeloupe, dial 0-590 + the local 6-digit number for local calls and 0-690 + the local 6-digit number for local calls to cell phones.

Before you travel to Guadeloupe, check with your service provider to determine if your mobile phone or other device will work in the island. You may be also be able to purchase an adaptor chip for your phone or rent a portable phone from one of the local companies during your stay.

Postage stamps can be purchased at post offices (hours are irregular and lines can be long and slow), cafés-tabacs (tobacco stores) and at hotel newsstands or souvenir shops.

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