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Plage de l'Autre Bord near Le Moule, Guadeloupe

GUADELOUPE / Beaches / Plages

Guadeloupe is justifiably proud of its spectacular beaches, many of which are well sheltered and ideal for swimming. The natural beaches, all beautiful to behold, range from the long white stretches of Grande-Terre to the darker sands of Basse-Terre. Standouts include those at Ste. Anne, St. François and Le Moule on Grande-Terre as well as Grande Anse / Deshaies on Basse-Terre. Public beaches are free, though some may charge for parking. Unlike hotel beaches, they have few facilities. Hotels generally welcome non-guests but charge for changing facilities, beach chairs and towels. The only clothing-optional beach is a small cove at Plage Tarare near Pointe-des-Châteaux. As is true with clothing-optional beaches everywhere, women should not arrive alone. Topless sunning and swimming is more common at hotels than on village beaches. Take your cue from how the locals are dressed.

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